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Spirit Slates (Magnetic)

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These are mind blowing facts !

In fact, we believe they are the finest set of magnetic locking slates you can see. The Spirit Slates have proven to be an extremely popular and versatile prop over the ages for mentalists, stage performers and parlor prestidigitators.

These Spirit Slates give you a free-hands, no-nonsense method of revealing mysterious writing. The flap lies perfectly flat and is invisible even under the most difficult of performing conditions. The Slates may even be handed out for close examination of the writing. They will see nothing suspicious. Nothing!

The performer presents two chalkboard slates and shows them blank on both sides. Placing a small piece of chalk between the wooden slates, now he put rubber bands on them together. When the slates are reopened, the name of a selected card or writing on a burned billet has magically appeared on the slates. Spooooooky!

The slates themselves measure approximately 28cm x 19.5cm with beautifully crafted wooden frames.

Also features:

  • we give complete set ready to perform!
  • Manufactured of the highest caliber woods!
  • Special permanent Polished with Glossy Finishing!
  • Larger for a better view for larger audiences!
  • Perfect fitting flap mechanism.
    Dimensions Approximately 27 cm x 23 cm and Actual weight is 466 g (approximately)

Comes complete Set with 2 Magnetic Slates, regular blackboard chalk, Duster and instruction sheet.


Weight465 g
Dimensions27 × 22 × 2 cm


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