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Super Black Color Cane Stand To colorful Flower Stick

3,500.00 2,500.00

Very colorful The perfect trick for All Type of stage & Show. We Give Completely Set Ready to Work with Teaching Video Code


Imagen you have got a Black cane standing next to you. This cane has handkerchief (hanky) on that and is your hanky stand. You take away a hanky from your hanky stand whenever you would like a hanky for your act. once the last hanky from the hanky stand is removed, the hanky stand as if by magic transforms into an enormous colorful Flower Stick

India Magics tireless devotion to improving the standard of our product has resulted during this new version of a classic.

A careful design of the feather flower bouquet allows India Magics to supply a bigger bouquet than ever imagined!

The Trick is beautifully made and supplied Completely Ready to Work. Everything is detachable and can be packed into a small .

This Flower Stick is specially made in Selected  feather having high-quality colors 


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