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Lining Hanky Umbrella’s Effect

2,500.00 1,400.00

We Give with Teaching Video Code.


Effect :

  • You are shown a handkerchief with a Horizontal line of different colors on it. magically it become vertical Line on it.
  • Put Handkerchief in Changing Bag Magically it Become 5 Different color Strips
  • Take out the Broken Umbrella from cover,  show 5 Different color Strips and roll on umbrella insert it back in it’s cover Magically it Becomes Handkerchief Design Umbrella.

We Supply :

  • Lining Handkerchief (Horizontal to vertical Line)
  • 5 Different color Cloth Strips
  • 1 Broken Umbrella
  • 1 Handkerchief Design Umbrella.
  • Umbrella Cover

Note : Changing Bag is not Included


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